Classes for January, February, and March will be held at Pinellas Art Center in Roe's Deli Staton at 5851 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park, FL. Doors open at 9:30am.



For more information about programs contact Linda McCurdy 727 204 5115

March 13, 2021 One-Stroke Sunflowers program taught by Sherrie Colgain, Elite OSCI.

Supplies you need to bring:

surface from Dollar Tree about a 6.5" X 10.5" hanging plaque (I have some available to purchase) You need to prep your surface in a light color of paint of your choice.

stylus, paper towels, water container, 3/4" wash brush to base coat, scruffy brush for pouncing, #12 flat brush and your favorite liner brush (I will have loaner brushes available) No class fee, but please bring your RTG's from the January class.